4L6A1615Its been a month since the opening night reception of my solo show ‘Deeply Rooted’ at visual space gallery in Vancouver and I’ve had lots of time to reflect on it and finally some time to write about it! Being an artist who has mostly concentrated on selling my work at art markets, wholesale and online, hosting a solo showing of my work was a bit of a new concept and kinda scary for me. At the start of each year I sit down and make a list of goals for my business and having a solo gallery showing of my work in 2014 was top of the list so I am proud to have accomplished this big goal!
I soon discovered that planning for a solo show was different then preparing for big market (which I have now done a zillion times it feels) so it was a bit of learning process! Find a space,  book a photographer, hire a bartender, get a liquor license, organize the food and party favors, make the playlist… wait a minute.. was I planning a wedding!? ha! Oh and not to mention developing a concept for the show and a bunch of new paintings. While I was planning the show I was also getting ready to go to Toronto for the 1st time so needless to say it was a busy time!

In the weeks leading up to my show my Mom became very ill and was in the hospital in ICU for a week. This of course was super scary and stressful and I had strongly considered cancelling the show but my Mom really wanted me to go on with it so I used her wishes and encouragement to push through it and with the huge help of my husband Ren and some awesome friends (including Jade Pellerin, Jamie Smith and Gertrud Kertesz and Tracey Tomtene) I pulled it off!deeply rooted opening 1

Once the paintings were hung, the food made and wine poured, the favors and music ready to rock the only thing missing was guests. I was terrified that no one would come to my opening. This event was ‘putting myself out there’ much more then doing an art market. After all my stress and hard work.. the question remained…. Would anyone show up!? Much to my great delight people came! They came early, they stayed late!  There was a great buzz at the show all night long and I had such a blast. Well over 100 people came to see my work that night. Old friends from high school, new friends and customers and admirers who had seen my work on facebook, my website and in homes and living magazine! The night was part of the ROVE art opening tour organized by myself and fellow artist Jamie Smith (much more credit to Jamie who did so much work for the event! Way to go Jamie!). It was so great to see so many people out supporting local art!!

Once the evening was over, the empty wine glasses collected and the heels off (my feet were killing me lol) I was completely exhausted. Although it was SO much fun and I was so thrilled with the outcome I was also quite relieved it was over. I had done it.. even in difficult and stressful circumstances I had accomplished my goal. Man that .. felt…  good! A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out support me. I really couldn’t be living my artist dream with out you! Am I planning on another solo show in the future? You bet! xoxoxo – April

PS to check out more photos from the night click HERE. Photos by Tracey Tomtene Photography.