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'Island Oasis' 36
Forest Wonders

Paintings inspired by the forest, April’s favourite place to be. Have you ever wondered about the all the roots connecting beneath your feet or all the communication happening between the trees, plants and animals?

'Sun Breaks Through' 36
Nature Espcapes

Abstract landscapes that give a hint of a nature scene while allowing the viewer to fill in the rest with their imagination.


In the ‘Transparent Energy’ Series April has left the trees and plants transparent in order to let their background shine through. Much like her trees with exposed roots, this is a reminder to the viewer to let their own stories and background shine through. Gold can be found running through the trees symbolizing the energy and life that runs through trees, plants and us!


In April’s ‘Our Roots Exposed’ collection she focuses on trees with exposed roots. We are similar to trees with our own unique roots which are our backgrounds and stories. The paintings in this collection are a reminder to expose our roots and celebrate our stories.

April Lacheur Art

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