April Lacheur is a professional self-taught artist and acrylic painter living in beautiful Maple Ridge near Vancouver BC Canada. She works mostly in acrylic to create bold and playful interpretations for west coast nature with special focus on trees and tree roots and our connection to nature.  April has been building a thriving art business since 2007 and her original work can be found in private collections across North America and even in Australia. April also offers a line of popular reproductions such as greeting cards, prints and calendars. April once worked as a Registered Nurse and now focuses full time on her art career.

 April’s style has often been called unique and combines bold colors with clean line work. Her most recent work includes loose abstract backgrounds representative of letting go, overlaid with more stylized line work, representing what is most important for us to grab hold of. Trees in her paintings have exposed roots and transparencies, encouraging the viewer to remember and share their own roots, their unique stories. A reminder that we are not unlikes trees in a forest, living together in a community.

April Lacheur

Artist Statement

I love the feeling of creating a flowing line with ink and a brush, the excitement and emotion bold colors evoke and the place I loose myself too each time my brush hits the canvas.

I am inspired by the nature that surrounds us and particularly trees. When walking in the forest as I often do with my husband Ren and dog Maple I imagine all of the roots systems running beneath our feet. Hidden underground is a system of energy and communication. Trees talk to each other, nurture and help each other. In a forest they work together as a community. We are not unlike trees, with our own roots, stories and deep connections. My art aims to celebrate the beauty of trees and nature and remind the viewer to celebrate their own unique roots and stories.

I used acrylic paint and ink with a brush on canvas and wood. I begin with loose plan, sometimes pre-sketched, that incorporates elements from different outdoor spots I have visited. I don’t usually paint an exact location and instead its a combination of inspirations. Metal is sometimes added to my finished paintings, a collaboration Ren and I do together.

I show my work in art fairs, galleries, cafes and retail locations around BC. My original paintings are part of private collections in Canada, USA, Australia, Asia and the UK. I plan to continue to create and share my work and am excited to see how my style and skills develop. It’s the start of a long and creative path ahead!

Artist CV

Recent Art Exhibitions:

March 2018 – Solo show Our Roots Exposed Port Moody Arts Center                                                           

Nov 2017 – Circle Craft Market Vancouver BC

July 2017 – Filberg Festival Comox BC

June 2017 – Canada 150 group show at Kimoto gallery Vancouver

Nov 2016 – Circle Craft Market Vancouver BC

April 2016 – Nature Lovers Solo Show Lut Vancouver BC

May 2014 – Deeply Rooted Solo show Visual Space Gallery Vancouver BC

March 2014 – One of a Kind Show Toronto ON

Recent Commissioned & Public Art Projects :

March 2018 – Custom large painting for waiting area NICU Surrey Memorial Hospital BC

June 2017 – Art Wrap project for recycling program City of Richmond

February 2017 – Mural for main entrance Live Well Exercise Clinic Langley BC

August 2016 – Mural for CT scanner room for BC Children’s Hospital Vancouver BC

May 2016 – Painting of 7ft salmon statue 25 year celebration for City of Coquitlam BC

August 2015 – Mural for waiting area in Morgan Creek Medical Office Surrey BC

Sept 2015 15ft custom painting for Lord Kitchener Elementary School Vancouver BC

March 2015 – Mural for waiting area for Live Well Exercise Clinic Surrey BC

January 2015 – Painting commissioned by Governer General of BC office used in collaborative jewelry given to dignitaries and royalty visiting Victoria BC Office

March 2013 and 2014 – Commission designs for Skevik Skis Vernon BC

April 2014 – Street Banner project BIA Fort Langley BC

January 2013 – Commission designs for Railay Stand Up Paddle Boards Vancouver BC