art-for-haiti-01One of the major reasons I became a Registered Nurse was simply because I wanted to be able to help and heal people. After starting my career as an RN in 2003 my passion for painting became my outlet for dealing with this high stress job. Over time my passion for art became greater then my passion for nursing but my desire to help people has not diminished. I realized that I could use my art to help people just like my Nursing skills.

april-lacheur-moonlight-escape-whiteOne of my goals as a Nurse has always been to volunteer in a 3rd world country. A few years back I met Laura Whitney at the Project Aftershock Thrift store in White Rock; A shop she had started in order to raise funds to travel to Haiti twice year to run medical clinics. She too had a passion.  She had quit her full time Nursing job to pursue and an overwhelming desire to help people much less fortunate then us in Haiti. I hope you get to meet Laura one day. Her positivity and passion are truly infectious and inspiring.

'Hoo's Branch' 18x24 SOLDI have chosen to host an online silent auction selling some of my artwork to raise funds for Laura’s Charity ‘Project Aftershock’ 100% of the money raised from selling the art (minus the cost of shipping ) will be donated to Project Aftershock. Some of the money will be used to send a very special 13 year old girl Mikelange to school. Laura sponsors her large family by providing them with housing, food and medical supplies and I wanted to help to send their daughter to school. Without education young girls in Haiti often fall into a life of prostitution and the thoughts of this happening to Mikelange is too much for me to bare. Just $150 sends her to school for a whole year and can change her whole future. I hope to be able to raise more money in my fundraiser that will be used to medically treat people in Haiti as well.  A little money goes a long way there. As an example $1 buys a child an parasite medication that can save their life.

art-for-haiti-02Starting Jan 19th and running till Feb 2 will be my online silent auction. You can find the auction here: Sign up to bid on the site. You can either bid or use the ‘buy now’ option. You can find art cards, matted prints, canvas prints and original paintings in the auction! Items will be shipped via Canada post the following week. Thank you so much for your bids and purchases. It really means a lot. Thank you for helping me to use my art to help and heal. xoxoxo April