Skevik SkisWhen Glenn and Gregg of Skevik Skis asked me to create a 2nd graphic for their ‘handmade in BC’ skis I was of course stoked! I love a project and a challenge and of course love seeing my art on their beautiful skis!

This time we worked closer together on the idea and image striving to create something that depicted the ‘perfect ski day’. Now I must admit, I don’t ski (snowboard is more my thing though I will not say Im great at it ..ha!). I took at lot of direction from the guys at Skevik to let me know what exactly the perfect ski day looked like. Powder and pillows in the backcountry were key plus capturing the mountain to water feel that we are so lucky to have here in beautiful BC! Although I may not be a skier I share a love for the mountains, trees and landscapes of BC much like Glenn and Greg. Its hard not to want to paint them! So inspiring!

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of both sets of skis featuring my art work. (I had painted a maple tree image that became the Lacheur Graphic 1 a few years back). I decided to hang them on my wall as art! (my husband attached a little loop hook on the back) Everyone who comes to my place loves them! They make truly unique art pieces and are an awesome ‘handmade in BC’ collaboration. I just love how the wood grains show through on the edges of the skis! The Anton version of the skis are nice and wide and show lots of the graphics… great for wall hanging. I think they would be super cool as art in a ski cabin or cafe or pub at a ski resort. Don’t you? Check out for more info and ordering.