SkevikIt’s true what they say, time flies! Another year gone by! I’ve been running my ‘Yapes Paints’ business for close to 7 years and in a lot of ways it feels like I just started and a lot of ways like I have been doing it forever!
2014 was a very successful year for my art business having sold 77 original paintings and many more reproductions which I am so very thankful for. Success is not only about sales, its also about having new experiences that allow me to grow as an artist and 2014 was full of new experiences. This past year I had my 1st ever solo gallery show in Vancouver titled ‘Deeply Rooted’, showed my work for the 1st time in Toronto at the One of a Kind Show and was commissioned by the BIA in Fort Langley to create paintings that will become their street light banners. I was also the featured artist in Home’s and Living Magazine in April, worked with Skevik Skis to create a 2nd graphic for their handmade skis and participated in the Filberg Festival in Comox for the 1st time. I painted my 1st series of building, my 1st painting in black and white and my 1st ever pet portrait. 2014 was a year of 1st, all of which allowed me to grow and develop as an artist.

2014-year-in-review-01I want to thank everyone who supports me in my art business. Not just those who buy my work (thank you SO much for this), but those who encourage me with lovely comments at shows, who like and comment on my post on facebook and instagram, who retweet my tweets, who share my business card with their friend, who hang my calendar in their office for all to see. It is through sharing that my work gets out in to the world and you are all helping me in many ways to grow my business and live my artist dream. Wishing you all the best in happiness and health in 2015! I look forward to sharing with you more of my art in 2015! – April