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I have put together this secret page on my website just for my Vancouver Mural Festival application to showcase the murals and public art I have created and also to share a sense of my art style. The bold colors and clean line work in my art transfers well into murals. I have been commissioned to paint several indoor murals and public art works and volunteered to assist with the THRIVE ‘No Rain No Flowers’ outdoor mural at VMF last year. I am a full time working artist with excellent communication and strong work ethic. I recently gave up my Registered Nurse career to focus on my passion for art full time. I have been working parallel lives as RN and artist for the past 10 years and this has been an exciting leap!

The first image of my portfolio is a digital concept sketch of a mural I would like to paint for VMF! The piece speaks to inclusion, equality, diversity and celebrating our roots! It also includes the 4 seasons we are lucky enough to have in Vancouver. The image allows for lots of visitor interaction photos, especially the swing! If at all possible I think it would be wonderful if the swing was a small 2 person bench attached to the wall where visitors could pose for photos!

April Lacheur Art

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